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Sophisticated Treats

Bentley has scratched, sniffed, licked and chewed the best treats on all of his adventures! He prefers pup products made with fresh ingredients that taste good and contribute to his (mostly) healthy diet! Check out this collection of products available in Bentley's Mobile Bistro and bring your Best Friend by for a Doggie Delight!


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Man’s best friend may be the inspiration behind PawsAbilities products, but their story began with a human touch. PawsAbilities provides skills training and job placement for people with disabilities, and that's just one reason they are 100% Bentley Approved!

On top of being an amazing organization, their Dog Cookies and other treats are Bentley's faves! Order a dozen from Bentley's Doggie Bistro for your next doggie birthday event, or try another PawsAbilities Dog Cookie design just for the fun of it!

Chew Toys

FouFou makes the best toys for Bentley to play with Mom and Dad! FouFit toys help Bentley stay in shape from chasing the mesh frisbee or several of the other choices offered at his Bistro. Don't forget to pick up a birthday cake or birthday hat for the squeakiest Party Celebration Ever!

Pet Winery 
Lickable Treats

Bentley enjoys a lick or two of a fine wine - especially when it's bacon-infused and has the amazing benefits of salmon oil. That's why his mom and dad don't mind him indulging in a Pet Noir from the Pet Winery. Only using organic, US-based products, Bentley approves of the refreshing taste and the quality of this paws-itively delicious doggie treat.

Scoff Paper
Greeting Cards

Bentley loves to celebrate special events, anniversaries and occasions. Every Pup deserves recognition, and what better way than with a Scoff Paper Edible Greeting Card! Each card is packed with flavor and natural ingredients - and no rawhide. What will you and your Best Friend celebrate next?

Annie's Pooch Pops

Annie’s Pooch Pops is a Bentley Approved favorite! For more than 20 years, the McInerny family has provided the pet industry with a super-premium, gourmet treat that is healthy and aesthetically appealing to both pet and owner. 

Located in Bangor, Pa., Bentley brought this to his Bistro for your Pooch to try!

Up Country
Dog Collars

Bentley struts his stuff in a stylish Up Country Inc dog collar because he has hundreds of styles to choose from and they are durable, unique and last for years! Made in the USA, the Up Country company takes pride in the feel and style of their products - and they are 100% Bentley Approved, of course!

Bowser Beer & Cigars

Bentley enjoys a nice cold beverage just like his mom and dad on his many adventures! Whether it's a sip out of a bowl, a drizzle on top of food, or in a dish as a float over doggie ice cream, Bowser Beer is one of his favorite Doggie Delights!

You might see Bentley with a Doggie Cigar, and that's quite OK! These treats are healthy versions for our doggie friends, made of Turkey & Lamb Sausage without extra additives that can hurt our Bow Wow Bellies.

Bowser Beer is made in PA with all human-grade, US-sourced ingredients. They use real meat (beef, pork or chicken), malt barley (high in Vitamin B!), and add glucosamine for joint health.

Find them in Bentley's Doggie Bistro and get a few extra for your doggie friends in the neighborhood who enjoy a nice evening Cigar!

(*Bentley and Bowser remind you not to let your pup drink real beer.)


Bentley knows how to bring a good party - and what's a Woof-Worthy party without DOGGIE TREATS!

Let your Best Friend be "THE DOG" in your neighborhood when you have Doggie Birthday treats like doggie-approved ice cream. Happy Birthday and other cakes, Happy Birthday dogbones, Happy Dog Meals, the Squeakiest party toys and the cutest Pooch Party Gear at your next Doggie Party.

Items available individually for your purchase, or 


now by calling (830) 364-4432 or
 emailing us to schedule and plan!

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