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Introducing the newest and most exciting snuffle addition to our Hide n Seek Collection! This uniquely shaped knotted ball toy is tightly made, so the slits in between each loop makes for the perfect treat hiding locations. Your dog will love rolling this ball around while stimulating their sense of smell. This toy is also lined with the protective fouGUARD for extra durability. Suitable for gentle to moderate chewers. 

*NOTE: Please use this toy for nosework and treat foraging only. Once treats have been found, remove toy to preserve longevity of toy.

Difficulty Level: Beginner
Available in 2 sizes: Small and Large

Other Benefits:

  • Keeps your dog busy and occupied
  • Encourages stimulation of all their senses
  • Helps to relieve separation anxiety
  • Interactive and fun
  • Improves your dog's cognition


These toys are made to withstand gentle to moderate chewing. If you have an aggressive chewer, to prolong the life of the toy, do not leave toy unattended with your dog when not using it for nosework exercises.

Hide N Seek Knotted Snuffle Toy

PriceFrom $14.00
Excluding Sales Tax
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